Take “Excel Formulas” for a test drive

Curious how Halfwit to Tutorials work? Need to learn Excel, but not sure if you should invest hours watching Excel videos or chewing over Excel theory in a reference book?

We think the H2H tutorials offer the best learning for the least effort. But the best way to know for yourself is to try a couple. To make it easy, we’re offering a free preview of Excel Formulas: Halfwit to Hero. Download the PDF here and get your Excel on!

The preview includes the full Chapter 2 (which gently introduces Excel formulas) and Chapter 3 (which explains how to use cell references). Once you download the preview, you can print it at home or read it on your computer. But be sure to follow along with the tutorials on the lab site to put your learning into practice.

As always, you can grab the full book from Amazon. Happy trails!

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