“Excel Formulas” is in the pipeline!

The first H2H book is on its way! Excel Formulas: Halfwit to Hero is a compact guide to the essential art of formula writing, whether you’re using Excel to build a business, run a budget, or solve your math homework. Even if you’re an Excel newbie who has never cracked open a spreadsheet, the first chapter (“What You Should Already Know”) explains the four key Excel concepts everyone needs to get started. Then you can sail ahead to learn about these topics (and more):

  • Exploring Excel’s function library
  • Using cell references and cell names to keep your work organized
  • Calculating with dates, times, money, and even text
  • Debugging your formulas to see how they work (and figure out why some go bad)
  • Using conditional logic to write formulas that make decisions
  • Using lookup functions to hunt through tables of data

The beta version of the tutorials is already online at lab.halfwit2hero.com and the print version of the book is entering its final review stage today.

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